Alnico Magnets for Education Physics Experiment Teaching

Alnico Magnets for Education Physics Experiment Teaching Alnico magnets, are part of the permanent magnet family, and relatively high in magnetic strength. These powerful magnets offer excellent temperature stability & can be used at temperatures up to 1000⁰F (500⁰C).Due to their relatively high strength and temperature stability, alnico magnets are commonly used for industrial applications such as rotating machinery, meters, instruments, sensing devices holding applications and more.

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Alnico magnets are renowned for their high remanence, low coercitivity, and temperature stability. The properties for each grade at room temperature are listed in Tables 1 and 2. Furthermore, additional information such as demagnetization curves for different temperatures is available for download in the datasheets. Table 3 outlines the general characteristics of Alnico magnets. Figure 2 illustrates the temperature stability, depicting the demagnetization curves of Alnico 5 grade from -180 C to +300 C. This figure demonstrates how the output of the magnet remains constant when the working point is near BHmax over a large temperature range.

Table 1: Typical magnetic properties of cast Alnico magnet

Table 2: Typical magnetic properties of sintered Alnico magnet

The physical properties of Alnico magnets are presented in Table 3. It should be noted that these values should not be considered as guaranteed, as they are not monitored during the manufacturing process.

Table 3:Physical Properties of Alnico magnets

Surface Treatment: Alnico magnets typically do not need any protection from corrosion and can be used without a coating. However, some applications may require a smooth surface, and in these cases, a protective coating can be applied.


The corrosion resistance of these coverings fluctuates depending on the form of magnets, such as chamfers and inner rings, in diverse surroundings.

This classic AlNiCo Magnet is made to be strong and usefulforthe educational and industrial uses. We recommend this to all students for science fair projects, science experiments, or just as an educational tool. Alnico is an alloy produced by mixing aluminum, nickel and cobalt with certain addition ofother metals like copper, iron ana titanium.Capable of producing strong magnetic field, it has an excellent lineartemperature characteristics and has wide industrial applications. As one ofthe members of magnets family, Alnico remains the workhorse of the permanent magnet industry and can be relied upon to deliver impressive flux density at an economical price.Alnico also boasts the lowest temperature coefficient of any commercial magnet material (0.02% per degree centigrade)allowing for excellent stability over a wide temperature range Whether horseshoe magnet school square, compass, iron powder,or ferrofluid magnetic calendar, we have it all. Experience the magnetism of Education and Science. Our school Alnico and Ferrite magnets have a low adhesive force, as they are only meant to display South, and the North Pole. The ever-popular magnet has been used for decades in the classroom and science lab to teach children about physics.Educational and Industrial Use AlNiCo Magnet with N &S Indication This magnet is small enough to fit in your pocket but will still lift an impressive weight. Each magnet is protected by a epoxy paint coating. Alnico magnets provide a compact,high power magnetic source, and are used for traction, lifting sorting, clamping and retrieval. They are supplied with ground pole faces, painted and with metal keepers for storage and to help retain magnetic strength. Maximum operating temperature is approximately 930°F(500°). Alnico magnets, also known as minor, pocket or power magnets, are available in a number of finishes, dimensions & grades.Alnico magnets for use in manufacturing. Choose from several different sizes of magnets

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