Arc Lift Motor Magnets With Countersunk Hole

Arc Lift Motor Magnets With Countersunk Hole All magnets are not created equal. These Rare Earth Magnets are made from Neodymium, the strongest permanent magnet material on the market today. Neodymium magnets have many uses, from a variety of industrial applications to an unlimited number of personal projects. Honsen Magnetics is your Magnet Source for Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets. Check out our full collection here.
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Permanent-magnet(PM)AC gearless machines have been an established technology in the European and Asian elevator industry for more than a decade. Within the last few years, PM installations and modernization applications have become increasingly prevalent in the North American market.A few reasons for their increased popularity include higher mechanical efficiencyover a geared traction system, higher electrical efficiency compared with traction induction motors, DC with a motorgenerated (MG) set or hydraulic systems, reduced physical size that allows for a smaller machine room or machine-room-less (MRL)installations and low overall maintenance. These efficiency and installation aspects provide a new solution to building architects in their desire to provide building owners with lower operating costs, while maximizing square footage. Gearless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Traction Machine The PMSM Gearless traction machine is assembled by permanent magnet synchronous motor, traction wheel and brake system through the encoder to achieve closed-loop control and frequency control operation. Compared with the traditional products, the traction machine has high efficiency factor, high efficiency, low starting current is small,large starting torque, smooth running comfort etc.; use ofrare earth permanent magnet materials, small size, light weight; no gear, low noise and high reliability. Excellent smooth speed machine ensures that passengers have more fluent and pleasant rides; we designed the most popular PMSMfield-oriented control in the world to improve the flat layers accuracy. The motor noise is less or equal to 60dB; apply non-asbestos materials on brake lining, various working conditions and stable performance. 1.Safety 2.Comfort 3.Environment Protection 4.High Efficiency 5.Small Size 6.Natural Cooling

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