Electrical Magnetic Motor Stator Rotor With Laminated Cores

Warranty:3 months
Place of Origin:China
Product name:Rotor
Packing:Paper Cartons
Quality:High Quaity Control
Service:OEM Customized Services
Application:Electrical Motor

Products Details

A motor stator rotor with laminated cores is a component used in electric motors that consists of a stationary part (stator) and a rotating part (rotor). The stator is made up of a series of laminated metal plates that are arranged in a specific pattern to form the core of the motor. The rotor is also made up of laminated metal plates, but these are arranged in a different pattern to create a rotating magnetic field. When an electric current is passed through the stator, it creates a magnetic field that interacts with the magnetic field created by the rotor. This interaction causes the rotor to rotate, which in turn drives the shaft of the motor and any attached machinery. The use of laminated cores in the stator and rotor is important because it reduces the energy lost through eddy currents, which are electrical currents that are generated in the metal plates due to the changing magnetic fields. By laminating the metal plates, the eddy currents are confined to small loops, which reduces their impact on the overall efficiency of the motor.

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