Ferrite Monopole Pot Magnets

Ferrite Monopole Pot Magnets Ceramic magnets (also known as "Ferrite" magnets) are part of the permanent magnet family, and the lowest cost, hard magnets available today. Composed of strontium carbonate and iron oxide, ceramic (ferrite) magnets are medium in magnetic strength and can be used at fairly high temperatures. In addition, they are corrosion-resistant and easy to magnetize, making them the popular choice for a wide range of consumer, commercial, industrial and technical applications. Honsen Magnets can provide Arc ferrite magnets,Block ferrite magnets,Disc ferrite magnets,Horseshoe ferrite magnets,Irregular ferrite magnets,Ring ferrite magnets and Injection bonded ferrite magnets.

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This magnet can be used solely for holding with the metal rod providing an easy way for removal.Meanwhile, it also can be used together with something else,for exampleit shows one possibility where the pot magnet works as a base and ring can be pulled on the rod. Mono-pole magnets(also called as single pole magnets) are the magnets that only one surface have magnetismthe other surface just has very weak magnetism. We all know there are at least two poles for one magnet. Then how the mono-pole magnets be made?The method is coating one surface of the magnet with iron sheet.The magnetism of the coated surface is shieldedthe magnetic lines are guided to the other surface,the magnetic force of other surface was strengthened.For some magnets applicationonly need the magnetic force of one sidethe other side of magnetic force will cause interference; some applicationonly one side of magnetism can be usedthe other side not usedwhich is not essential.For example packing magnets used on moon cake boxes.Then mono-pole can lower the cost and save magnetic material. Pot magnets with ferrite magnetic core have excellent holding force thanks to the use of ferrite magnets.The maximum working temperature of these types is up to +80°C, steel body is galvanized.These types are used in applications where high holding force and small dimensions are required.

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