Ceramic Squared Magnet 30x10.5x5mm for Industry use

Brand Name: Honsen Magnetics Place of Origin: Ningbo, China Material: Hard Ferrite / Ceramic Magnet; Grade: Y30, Y30BH, Y30H-1, Y33, Y33H, Y35, Y35BH or as per your request; Shape: Ring etc; Dimension: According to customers' requirements; Magnetization: As customers’ requirements or unmagnetized; Coating: None; HS Code: 8505119090 Packaging: As per your request; Delivery Time: 10-30days; Supply Ability: 1,000,000pcs/month; MOQ: No Minimum Order Quantity; Application: DC brushless motors, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Magnetos used on lawn mowers and outboard motors, DC permanent magnet motors (used in cars), Separators (separate ferrous material from non-ferrous) , Used in magnetic assemblies designed for lifting, holding, retrieving, and separating.

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The Benefits of Using Ferrite Block Magnets

Ceramic Rings

Ferrite Ring Magnets

With a hole in the middle

Disc Ferrite Magnets

Ceramic Disc Magnets

In varieties of Sizes

Ceramic Blocks

Rectangular Ferrite Magnet

In wide range of dimensions

Ferrite Arc/ Segment Magnets

Ceramic Segment

Used in motors & rotors

Ferrite Rod Magnets

Cylindrical Ferrite Magnets

Widely used in speakers

Ceramic Horseshoe Magnet

U-shaped Ferrite Magnet

Widely used in educational field

Customized Ferrite Magnets

Irregular-shaped Ceramic

We offer custom services

Ferrite Holding Pots

For holding & Lifting

Variants available

Magnetic Direction
Magnetic Properties 
Why Honsen Magnetics
Manufacturing Process of Ferrite Magnets

Our complete production line guarantees production capacity from raw materials to finished products

We serve ONE-STOP-SOLUTION to ensure customers efficient and cost-effective purchasing.

We test each piece of magnets to avoid any quality problem for customers.

We offer different types of packaging for customers to keep products & transportation safe.

We work with big customers as well as small ones without MOQ.

We offer all kinds of payment methods to facilitate customers' purchasing habits.

Ferrite block magnets also called ”Ceramic block magnets”, are a type of permanent magnet made from a combination of iron oxide and barium or strontium carbonate. They are one of the most widely used magnets in the world. They are very affordable and much less expensive than other types of permanent magnets, such as neodymium and samarium cobalt. Ferrite block magnets are used in a variety of applications, including consumer electronics, industrial machinery, medical equipment, and automotive components. They are also used in the production of magnetic recording media, such as hard drives and floppy disks. Ferrite block magnets are also very safe to use. They do not contain any hazardous materials, such as lead or mercury, and are not known to cause any health risks. The benefits of using ferrite block magnets include their high magnetic strength, low cost, and resistance to corrosion. They are very durable and can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments. Besides, They are very easy to store and transport. In addition to their many benefits, they are lightweight and can be easily moved from one location to another. Overall, ferrite block magnets are an essential component in many industries.  

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